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Keenan Sterba, Peer Advisor

Keenan is originally from Eastern Oregon, having grown up in a small rural community. While growing up, he participated in community groups and activities such as FFA and Boy Scouts. Upon completing High School, Keenan went to Treasure Valley Community College, a first-generation college student, and earned his Associate of Fine Arts Degree. Afterward, Keenan transferred to Boise State University to further his education.

Keenan is now a junior here at Boise State University working on completing a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in rehabilitation science. He plans to attend graduate school and enroll in a Physical Therapy program to earn his Master’s and later become a physical therapist. Keenan is passionate about helping others and fostering community, which is reflected in his participation in the school’s Pride Alliance, where he has acted as the club’s Vice President for the 2022 Spring Semester. Outside of school, Keenan continues to help others through his work volunteering at the local Red Cross.

Outside of studying, school activities, and volunteer work, Keenan spends his free time enjoying the outdoors whenever he can, working out frequently, skiing in the winter, and wakeboarding in the summer. Keenan also has a passion for art and writing, which he fosters through traditional pencil and charcoal drawing and fictional writing. If not engaged in those activities, he often spends time with friends and family, exploring the Boise city life, or playing video games or Dungeons and Dragons.