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Cohort Meetings


Two students chatting in a cohort meeting

The Pre-Health Pathways Cohorts are groups of students identified as:

  • Freshman – Just getting started with their Pre-Health Pathway journey
  • Upperclassmen – Sophomores and Juniors who want to continue on their pathway but are not ready to apply
  • Application – Those who are ready to apply or are in the application process for their chosen career path
  • Health Studies/Public Health – Students that have a real passion for Public Health and the Health Studies

Each cohort meets once a month to discuss important topics and share experiences while building their peers’ and advisors’ community. We cover topics ranging from how to locate schools to securing letters of recommendation. Join our group and get to know pre-health advisors and peers.

Below students will find information, handouts, and videos if they missed one of our meetings: