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Upperclassman Cohort

Are you a student asking the following questions:

  • Are you a sophomore or junior and want to continue learning more about the process of becoming a healthcare professional? 
  • Are you looking for opportunities to connect with professionals or gain experience in the field? 

Upperclassman Cohort is a group of students and Pre-Health Advisors that meet monthly to discuss important topics and share experiences while building community. Topics covered range from:

  • How to locate schools 
  • Securing relationships to have letters of recommendation in the future 
  • Improving experiences (Beyond the Classroom)

Volunteer, Patient Exposure and Observation

Reflection and Journaling

Experiences (Leadership and Research)

2020-2021 Upperclassman Archived Events

Initial Meeting

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Informational Interviewing

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Leadership and Research Experiences

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Volunteer, Patient Exposure, and Observations

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