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IPE Clinical Seminar

IPE Clinical Seminar Luncheon

Upcoming IPE Clinical Seminar

Interprofessional Education Seminar Series – Resilience and Adaptability Training for Preservice Healthcare Workers

Many of us go into healthcare to help others, but this work is stressful and can lead to exhaustion, burnout, and in extreme cases, leaving the profession altogether. The COVID-19 pandemic has only added to the strain healthcare professionals face on a consistent basis. While completely eliminating these negative outcomes may be impossible, developing skills to cope with these challenges is a good first step in preparing yourself to work in your future profession. We are excited to offer two workshops that will focus on developing strategies to increase your ability to demonstrate resilience in challenging situations and to be adaptable in an ever changing and challenging environment. Each seminar will include a combination of recorded video, small and large group discussion, and small group case study and role play. Participants will get maximum benefits from attending both workshops. Please register by March 15.

  1. Resilience Training for Preservice Healthcare Workers – 7:00-9:00 pm, Wednesday March 17
  2. Adaptability Training for Preservice Healthcare Workers – 7:00-9:00 pm, Wednesday April 7

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The purpose of the IPE Clinical Seminar is to provide learners with evidence-based knowledge and skills on a selected health [care] topics through an interprofessional lens.  The seminar will provide an opening lecture and discussion from a “clinical expert” and culminate with an interprofessional team learning activity for participants.

Target Participants

Professional program students from Boise State University – College of Health Sciences, Idaho State University – Meridian Health Science Center, University of Washington – Medical Education Program (WWAMI) and other learners and young professionals from the Treasure Valley.


Bi-semester events occurring every fall and spring


Boise State University

Recent Seminars and Topics

Spring 2020

  • Reducing Medical Errors through Patient and Family Engagement – “To Err is Human” speaker Susan Sheridan

Fall 2019

Spring 2019

  • Darkness to Light: Stewards of Children.  Preventing Child Sexual Abuse.
  • “In Our Own Voice” presented by members of the National Alliance on Mental Illness: Interprofessional Reflections in Response to the Lived Experiences of Mental Illness.

Fall 2018

  • “Opioid Crisis” speaker Kenneth Bramwell MD
  • “Genetic Testing: A Pandora’s Box in the World of Bioethics?” speakers Jennifer Eichmeyer, MS, LCGC and Jennifer Obenshain, MSW, LCSW

Spring 2018

Fall 2017