Teaching-Research Grant Application

  • Application Requirements

  • Has your team members completed the Core Interprofessional eLearning Module? * Required
    The Core Interprofessional eLearning Module is required of each team member before application submission. You can find the module under step two of the Teaching Grant page at: boisestate.edu/healthsciences-interprofessional/teaching-grant/
  • Faculty Team Member 1 Contact Information

    Please provide contact information for each faculty member on the team.
  • Faculty Team Member 1 Name * Required
  • Faculty Team Member 2 Contact Information

  • Faculty Team Member 2 Name * Required
  • Faculty Team Member 3 Contact Information

  • Faculty Team Member 3 Name
  • Faculty Team Member 4 Contact Information

  • Faculty Team Member 4 Name
  • Please list any other faculty members apart of your team. Please provide the name, phone, email, and program/discipline for any additional faculty.
  • IPE Learning-Research Activity

  • Must have at least two.
  • Learning-research objectives should include one or more of the following IPEC Core Competencies: 1. Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice 2. Roles/Responsibilities 3. Interprofessional Communication 4. Teams and Teamwork
  • Learning activity resources would include things such as equipment, rental space etc.