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Bonnie Kenaley

Photo of Connie KenaleyBonnie Kenaley, PhD, LMSW, RN

Elder Well-being, Successful aging, Telehealth and older adults

Phone: (208) 426-1710
Office: Education Bldg, Rm 716C
Department: School of Social Work


older adults, elders, geriatrics, successful aging, telehealth

Research Profile:

Dr. Kenaley’s research expertise entails the ares of health interventions for older adults, the use of telehealth technology for homebound elders, and the examination of the trajectories and determinants of successful aging. She is also interested in the development of an intergenerational-friendly university initiative, including intergenerational housing to foster the academic, health, and social well-being of students and faculty of all ages as well as the interaction and collaboration between university and the community’s aging population. . Additionally, she is studying the impact of a focus care coordination intervention on improving resources to vulnerable adults.