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Cynthia K Sanders – Social Policy-Economics and Abuse

Economics, Women, & Abuse

Dr. Sanders has done extensive research on the role of economics in intimate partner abuse. Recently she has published two articles, “Economic Abuse in the Lives of Women Abused by an Intimate Partner: A Qualitative Study”, and “Savings for Survivors: An Individual Development Account Program for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence”. Her research deals with issues such as community based ¬†and government programs for women in domestic abuse situations, economic education for women and economic development through community-based ¬†asset ownership programs.


Cynthia K Sanders, PhD. MSW

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Cynthia Sanders

Dr. Sanders is passionate about social/economic policy reform, and raising awareness for women’s economic, safety, and equality issues. She is working hard for change by addressing macro-level issues of economic abuse, paving the way for economic security for future generations of women.

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Cynthia K Sanders, PhD. MSW