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Jane Grassley – Nursing Maternal

Building Young Women’s Health Literacy Skills Through an Online Game- Breastfeeding

This research project evaluated the effectiveness of an educational intervention developed by the researchers to improve breastfeeding rates among women, aged 15 to 24 years old. The interactive, online game format, sought to provide opportunities to practice health literacy skills, and potentially improve the health outcomes among this population through promoting breastfeeding and enhancing their health literacy skills.


Clinical Transitional Research-Infrastructure Network (CTR-IN) Pilot Grant

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Jane Grassley

Dr. Grassley’s current research combines her interest in breastfeeding support with how new mothers use online resources for information and support. She is currently working on a community engagement project to develop and evaluate a breastfeeding support intervention using online resources like mobile apps, Facebook, or web pages. In her joint appointment with St. Luke’s Health System, she has partnered with nurses in implementing a Family Bonding Time on the Mother/Baby Unit in Meridian.


Jane Grassley, Ph.D, RN, IBCLC

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