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Ken Bell – Physical Education

Game Size Affects on Physical Activity Levels and Ball Touches of Elementary School Children  in P.E.

In this study Dr. Bell monitored the physical activity levels, and ball touches in children in elementary P.E. through pedometers, accelerometer counts, and minutes of physical activity, to determine how they are affected by game sizes of small (3v3), medium (6v6), and large (12vl2). His findings supported increased physical activity and involvement in children when implementing smaller-sided  games.


Local K-12 Schools in Boise, ID area

Additional Information:

Ken Bell

Dr. Bell’s research interests include physical education teacher education, self-esteem in physical education and sports, effective teaching and coaching. children’s fitness. and obesity in children. His research aims to improve K-12 student learning experiences and attitudes toward physical education activity and movement for a lifetime.

Principal Investigator:

Ken Bell, Ph.D

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