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Kim Martz – Gerontological Nursing

End of Life Care Simulation: Investigation of Teaching Tool Efficacy and Student Learning Outcomes

This project aimed to assess what areas of end of life care knowledge were not currently being addressed in the nursing curriculum, and then develop three simulations to meet this need. These simulations intended to provide the nursing student the clinical experience needed to participate in self reflection and integrate knowledge development into their future nursing practice.


Investigated Student Learning Grant from Boise State Center for Teaching and Learning – in collaboration with Jayne Josephson

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Kim Martz

Dr. Martz has a strong interest in research and has participated in research teams with a variety of research experiences in End of life issues and culnerable populations. As a member of the Idaho End of Life Coalition, Martz assisted in the development of a field survey assessment on Idaho specific views on end of life issues.


Kim Martz, Ph.D, RN

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