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Lifecast Manikins

Margaret "Maggie" Kay Olson

Maggie has skin texture and paint finishes that include age spots and other natural skin appearance features that help stimulate natural responses during simulated scenario-based training.

Picture of elderly female Lifecast Manikin Vivian

Close up of an elderly manikin's hand on a hospital bed.
A close up of an elderly manikin's hair and ear detail.

Isla Grace Andrews and Oliver James Martinez

Isla features lifelike details including the replication of veins and underlying structures, hair and precise anatomical airways enabling ALS airway management.

Baby Oliver has the following features:

  • Step wise airway management with mouth,
  • upper airway and lungs enabling bag/valve/mask,
  • oropharyngeal airway,
  • supraglottic airway and ET tube intubation,
  • CPR compatible

Picture of mother and infant Lifecast manikin in hospital bed

Close up of a baby manikin's head with hair detail.

Meet our Manikins

Features and pictures on this page attributed to Gaumard and Lifecast.

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