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S3005 Pediatric Hal 5 Year

Pediatric Hal manikin



  • Oral and nasal intubation
  • Use an ET tube or LMA
  • Sensors detect depth of intubation
  • Unilateral chest rise with right mainstem intubation
  • Multiple upper airway sounds synchronized with breathing


  • Control rate and depth of respiration and observe chest rise
  • Ventilation is measured and logged
  • Gastric distention with excess BVM ventilation
  • Select independent left and right lung sounds
  • Chest rise and lung sounds are synchronized with selectable breathing patterns
  • Accommodates assisted ventilation, including BVM and mechanical support
  • Unilateral chest rise and multiple breath sounds


  • Fully responsive even when carried
  • Body convulses on command
  • Eyes open / close and feature slow or rapid blinking

Circulation and Color Change

  • Multiple heart sounds, rates and intensities
  • Chest compressions are measured and logged
  • Blood pressure can be taken bilaterally using a cuff, palpation, or auscultation
  • Korotkoff sounds audible between systolic and diastolic pressures
  • Color and vital signs respond to hypoxic events and interventions
  • Bilateral carotid, brachial and radial pulses operate continuously
  • Pulse strengths vary with blood pressure and pulses are synchronized with ECG

Active Eyes

  • Instructor Control
  • Open and close
  • Select blink rate
  • Select pupillary responses to light


  • Extensive speech library
  • Vigorous cry synchronized with breathing
  • Heart sounds include a normal heart as well as splits and murmurs
  • Respiratory sounds include normal lungs as well as stridor, bronchial, wheezing, pleural friction and crackles
  • Bowel sounds

Defibrillate, Cardiovert and Pace

  • Apply real electrodes and AED pads
  • Use real EMS equipment
  • See electrical interventions on your AED or our monitor


  • View ECGs with physiologic variations generated in real-time
  • Synchronized with pulses
  • Conductive skin regions
  • Apply real electrodes

Venous Access

  • IV training arms
  • IM sites on shoulders and thighs
  • Intraosseous access at tibia

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