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Health Science Riverside Building Now Offers a Food Cupboard for Students in Need

overhead view of food on a shelf
A small food pantry in Health Science Riverside (HSRV) joins other Boise State efforts to provide food to students in need.

The Health Science Riverside building (HSRV) now hosts a food cupboard for students who are food insecure. The food cupboard, identifiable with a gold sticker, is located in the entryway of HSRV underneath the computers.

This small pantry is intended to make food assistance more accessible in addition to other food pantries and resources on campus.

Students can access a wider selection of food and hygiene products at the ASBSU Campus Food Pantry, which is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, in the Office of the Dean of Students (Campus School Building, Suite 120). Students can also receive no-cost meals at the Boise River Cafe through the Meal Assistance Program.

In fall of 2018, Boise State University participated in the #RealCollege Survey – a nationwide survey conducted by the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice that measures the prevalence of student food and housing insecurity and homelessness at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities.

Results from that survey found that 36% of Boise State students were food insecure in the prior 30 days, and 45% of respondents nationwide were food insecure in the prior 30 days.

Boise State University has responded with food drives, meal programs, and an upcoming Basic Needs Summit in July, which aims to develop a strategic plan for the campus to address student needs.

Staff, faculty, students, and community members are welcome to donate to the food cupboard in HSRV. For more information contact