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Goal: Service

To Ensure that Faculty and Students Engage Within and Outside the University to Promote Life-long Health

Objective 1:

Develop a College-wide Student Activity that Helps Students Identify and Tie Students to Interprofessional Education.

Our tactic is to connect this strategy to the larger Boise State initiative and COHS objective on teaching to retain freshman and sophomore students. We are exploring interprofessional events for students to engage with each other and the community.

We sponsored a Darkness to Light training for Boise State faculty, staff and students in summer 2016 and are looking to expand where and how we offer additional trainings in order to empower more people in our community to prevent child sexual abuse. We have chosen to provide a service activity to the Boise State students interested in pursuing a COHS major, but are not yet admitted. So we are targeting the freshman & sophomores. This is a population health and social justice issue that may be of great interest to potential COHS students. The initial 2 hour training took place in October. The second training will be held in the Spring of 2018.

What are the Training Outcomes?

  • Learn what it means to be an active bystander.
  • Learn what actions you can take as an active bystander.
  • Receive examples of boundary violations and red flag behaviors.
  • Learn how to make spontaneous and planned interventions.

Objective 2:

Engage the College of Health Sciences, Especially Health Services and Other Community Partners, to Create the Healthiest Learning Environment in America at Boise State Through BroncoFit

BroncoFit has an advisory board with university and community representatives that meets multiple times a year. This year faculty and Health Services staff are offering a Foundational Studies course that focuses on BroncoFit and life-long health.

Objective 3:

Use Institutes and Centers to Make Meaningful Engagements Within the Treasure Valley that Promote Life-long Health

The Blue Sky Institute is focusing on mental health in the Treasure Valley for one of its initial projects.

Objective 4:

Rewrite Service Standards to Include Administrative Workload as Part of Service for Administrative Positions to Assure Equity and Efficiency