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Goal: Teaching

To Ensure High Quality Teaching and Student Success to Optimize Life-long Health

Objective 1: Increase Student Retention of Freshman and Sophomore Students in the College

The first objective focuses on increasing student retention of freshman and sophomore students in the college by 2% each year. In order to address this aim we have hired 3 new advisors to our Student Support and Academic Advising group. Additionally, Glenda Hill, the Director of advising, will be providing a summary report of activities for the Dean for each academic year. Finally, Directors of each school within COHS now have access to university FATE data from Institutional Research. This data will allow the directors to track student mobility and progression in and out of their programs.

Objective 2: Enhance Processes to Support Higher Quality Teaching

Objective 2 aims to enhance the processes to support higher quality teaching. COHS wants to encourage digitation and the development of e-portfolios. While the college has not made progress on this objective yet, we will focus on it in the future. The second aim within this objective is to designate IPE courses. A new IPE committee was established in Fall 2016. The registrar approved the idea of separate IPE course designation through a prefix, and a request for this to be formalized is going through curriculum committees now. Additionally, a new and expanded Director of IPE role/job description was sent out to the college in 2017.

Objective 3: Scale Programs for Growth Leading to Increased Revenue and Enhanced Reputation

Objective 3 targets the scaling of programs for growth that will lead to increased revenue and enhanced reputation. The Dean is actively working with COHS Directors and Chairs to support investments that produce needed educational opportunities. We have a number of new and potential programs as a result (online MSW programs for example). The Dean is also working with other entities across campus such Central Administration and Extended Studies to explore other funding opportunities.

Objective 4: Improve Six Year Graduation Rates for Students in the College

Objective 4 focuses on improving the 6-year graduation rates for COHS students. A major aim is to increase and expand quality advising. In the fall of 2016 the advisors saw an estimated 800 students for RAD holds alone, and this was during a time where they were understaffed. We are also developing a plan to better utilize best practices in advising by providing annual professional development opportunities for advisors. Finally, Directors who have oversight of non-restricted programs will work to develop a plan to increase 6-year graduation rates.

Objective 5: Explore, Develop, and Implement Shared Academic Programs with Other Colleges and Universities that Lead to Value Added Programming

Objective 5 is to explore, develop and implement shared academic programs with other colleges and universities that lead to value-added programming. Our advisors are currently working closely with students to assist them with adopting a business minor through COBE. Similarly, we are in the initial stages of discussing the development of a new health minor for business students. Additionally, we are working with COBE and CEH to explore a shared online program in health informatics.

Progress Update

Student Exit Survey

A GA was hired to develop a survey in Fall 2016. The survey is now being sent to students who are identified as having left the college. This information will help us to better identify who, when and why students leave. We are collecting data now.

Adjunct Satisfaction Survey

A committee of COHS representatives drafted a survey. Final edits are being made to the survey now. An email will be sent to all department chairs, heads and directors this week to request email addresses for all adjunct instructors. We will then send the survey out this month to collect data that will assist us in better supporting our adjunct instructors.

Teaching Goal Steering Committee

We are working to create a steering committee to guide and provide feedback about COHS teaching initiatives that will support this goal form the strategic plan. Members will include folks from campus as well as the CTL. The committee will meet 1-2 times per semester beginning in Fall 2017.