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Sagebrush Perspectives Through History

Sagebrush and grasses on Boise Foothills with the city in the distance
photo credit: Haley Netherton-Morrison


With their numerous chemical compounds and diverse and widespread nature, sagebrush and other Artemisia species have been regarded as both culturally important and utterly despised around the globe. This project investigates how people have viewed sagebrush through time and space using anthropological databases, providing historical context for a larger project to understand the “social landscape” of sagebrush to inform land management decisions in Idaho.

Project Highlights

  • Examining historical and cross-cultural perspectives of sagebrush landscapes using an ethnographic database with undergraduate students through VIP
  • Providing historical context for the values mapping work


Haley Netherton-Morrison, Boise State University
Kelly Hopping, Boise State University
Undergraduate VIP Students


This project is supported by the NSF Idaho EPSCoR Program and by the National Science Foundation under award number OIA-1757324.

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