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Summer 2023 Honors Courses

All Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise specified.  The prerequisite for all courses unless otherwise stated is admission to the Honors College, however other prerequisites or co-requisites may apply.

Summer Honors Courses

Honors Colloquia

HONORS 392-4001 Exploring Japan through Historical Fiction

Class # 40361, ONLINE, Shelton Woods

This class will study Japan’s history through the means of three beautifully-written historical fiction novels: Silence by Shusaku Endo, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, and Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Students will enjoy a fascinating journey through Japan’s past through historical fiction taught by a historian of Japanese history.

HONORS 392-4002 Greek Mythology

Class # 41673, ONLINE, Annal Frenz

Many of us have at least a passing familiarity with Greek myths, but in this online course you’ll be able to go beyond simply enjoying the stories. We’ll look at what makes a myth, who makes a myth, and why mythology is so enduring.

HONORS 397-001 Outdoor Leadership

Class # 41772, MoTuWeTh 9:00-11:45am, Honors College Rm 167, Chris Hyer

This class will explore the field of outdoor education and leadership through participation in a seven-day Whitewater Rafting expedition on the Lower Salmon River. Emphasis will be placed on developing leadership, teaching, judgement, and decision-making skills while incorporating the principles of wilderness ethics, land stewardship, and effective group dynamics through minimal environmental and social impact to the river. A course fee of $550 will cover Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification, transportation, gear, and food for the Lower Salmon rafting trip. The trip will take place Friday, July 21, 2023 – Thursday, July 27, 2023.

*NOTES: This course will fulfill one HONORS 392.