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COVID-19 Information

Message from the Dean

The Honors staff and I stand ready to support you however we can during this abrupt change to the semester. For those on their way home, safe travels. For those saddened by missed activities and missed friends, we understand. For those who wish their favorite class or lab or studio could continue in person, we wish that for you too. For those who have left or will soon leave study abroad programs for heartbreaking journeys back to the states, we want you safe but grieve for your lost opportunity. The list goes on. All in all, we are sorry for the disruption, the uncertainty, and the challenge you may experience in the coming months. But the staff and I are here, and we are committed to doing the best we can for you as this changed semester unfolds.

This sacrifice of a typical semester, like the sacrifice of so many semesters at universities across America and the globe, is just that—a sacrifice. Yet it is a responsible sacrifice, one that should slow the spread of coronavirus. And we hope it encourages continued vigilance in that effort as we all work together to ensure the health and safety of our communities.

Dr. Finstuen

Contacting the Honors College

The Honors office will work remotely for the Spring 2020 semester, so the best way to get in contact is through email:

Student Information & Resources

Up-to-Date Information: Visit the Boise State COVID-19 information page for the most up-to-date information.

Job Openings: If you are in need of a different job or need to add hours to your current job situation, grocery stores like Winco, Albertsons, and Fred Meyer are currently hiring people to help restock their shelves (jobs start immediately). You can call or email a store about openings or get in contact via online job sites (e.g. glassdoor, indeed).

Food Security: The Dean of Students office has a food pantry available for students to pick up a bag of necessities, without question should you need it. The food pantry is located in the Old Campus School building which is across from University Suites just to the west of the Administration building.

Emergency Grant: Please note that if you have extenuating circumstances (such as contracting coronavirus and not being able to work because of quarantine), the Dean of students has a process for one-time (throughout your time at Boise State) grant to help with rent or food or medical bills.

Complete Withdrawal: There is also a process through the Dean of Students/Registrar that allows for a complete withdrawal of classes due to hardship or unforeseen circumstances. There is required documentation along with your application, so it is helpful to work with the Dean of Students office to navigate through the process.

Please know that Boise State University and the Honors College are here for you; don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to ask for help. We’ll get through this.