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Honors Student Association (HSA)

As a member of the Honors College, you are automatically a member of HSA. The association provides opportunities for Honors students to participate in a wide variety of cultural and recreational activities. It sponsors lectures, social events, and community service projects that encourage students and faculty members to explore common interests outside of the classroom. HSA is a great way to meet other Honors students, learn leadership skills, and stay in touch with the university community.

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HSA Officers

Beyond simply being members of the HSA, students have the opportunity to assume leadership positions within the association. Elections for new officers happen every spring.

  • President: Claire Oberg
  • Vice President: Edwina Wallen
  • Vice President & Alumni Relations: Braden Bowker
  • Treasurer: Davi Murphy
  • Historian: Bailey Varvel
  • Marketing: Tryston Sellers
  • Special Projects: Bradley Collins & Eric Kondratyuk
  • Adviser: Chris Hyer