Sawtooth Hall Flood Updates

  • For more information contact (208) 447-1001
  • Sawtooth Hall Reception Center: Located on the first floor of Sawtooth Hall to provide information and resources.

A water line broke on the third floor of Honors College and Sawtooth Hall November 24, temporarily displacing 124 students from their rooms. Affected residents have been assigned to temporary campus housing, a moving service helped relocate students to other buildings on campus, and restoration work has begun. The Honors College section of the building was not impacted.

Update 1/3: All reconstruction work at Sawtooth Hall will be complete this week and the building will be ready for you to move back in as planned.

You may move in starting January 12 at 8 a.m. When you arrive back, please check in at the Sawtooth Hall front desk (open 8 a.m. to midnight daily) so you can pick up and complete a new Room Condition Form.

For any questions or more information, please call (208) 447-1146.

Update 12/7: All drying and mitigation work has been completed successfully. Reconstruction work is under way on all floors and progressing at an encouraging pace. We are still on target to move students back into their Sawtooth rooms in time for the spring semester. The investigation into the exact cause of the incident continues and we are inspecting similar valves in the building.

Your student accounts should already reflect the housing charge deductions. If it hasn’t yet, please contact us at the number above. If you have not yet picked up your gift card, please bring a Photo ID to the front desk to collect it.

Update 11/30: Our partners at Greystar are offering you a $500 gift card. This gift card can be used wherever credit cards are accepted. Gift cards will be available for pickup at the Sawtooth front desk beginning Friday, November 20 at 4 p.m. and during regular business hours after that. Your Bronco ID is required.

Action Taken to Date

  • dedicated campus shuttles to assist students with transporting belongings to their new rooms
  • provided boxes, tape and bags to assist students with the move
  • scheduled movers and moving trucks to provide additional moving assistance
  • coordinated with a laundry company to wash all wet clothing and deliver them to new rooms
  • communicated with faculty who have affected students in their classrooms to let them know students might need additional accommodations during the move
  • mobilized staff from across campus to be on site to assist students as they relocate

Future Timeline:

  • December 15 – January 13: Winter break – no classes
  • January 14: Spring classes begin


How will this affect my classes?
We have notified your professors and encouraged them to provide some accommodations. Please let your faculty know what you need to navigate this temporary situation. If you need assistance with academic or personal concerns, contact Dean of Students Office at 208-426-1527.

Do I need to get a different parking permit?
We have notified Parking and Transportation and you don’t need to do anything about parking for now. If you get a parking ticket, bring it to the Sawtooth Hall front desk so we can help resolve it.

When can I return to my space?
Plan to be in your temporary space for the remainder of the semester. We will have a better idea of timeline once the restoration crews get in to look at each space. Our goal is to have the building completely restored in time to move students back into the building for spring 2019 semester. We will continue to provide updates on these processes as we have them.

How will this affect housing costs?
Because you are moving to a building that costs less than Sawtooth Hall, we will work on the difference and reimburse you. If you have prepaid, you will receive a prorated refund for the dates you have been displaced from Sawtooth Hall (11/24 – 12/15). If you are on a payment plan, you will not be charged for those dates.

Will I be reimbursed for damage?  
If you have renters insurance, submit claims directly through the insurance company, and/or check with your parent’s homeowner’s insurance policy. Take pictures of the damage and record the make, model, and serial number of damaged items.

When can I get my things out of storage?
If you choose to store items, you will not be able to access them until your space in Sawtooth Hall is ready to move back into. Be careful with what you store. We recommend not storing items that are fragile or would be considered valuable (monetary or sentimental).