Update on Housing Assignments and Waitlists for Fall 2019

A 40 percent increase in demand for campus housing has resulted in spaces filling up more quickly than in past years, forcing Boise State to move up the priority application date to May 15.

First-year students who complete their housing application by May 15 are guaranteed a housing assignment, with a community assignment to come later this summer. Students who complete their housing applications after May 15 will be placed on a waitlist. All applications are processed in order of the date they are submitted.

Sophomore and above student housing filled up shortly after the application opened in December, however applications will still be accepted and placed on a wait list to be considered by date of application.

Students who have already received an assignment, but would like to be waitlisted for a different community will be considered for reassignment based when they applied, how they ranked their top choices and overall demand.

With the recent addition of the Honors College and Sawtooth Hall, Boise State added more than 600 new student beds — and is exploring new options to increase capacity on campus in the future.

While living on campus is a great way to make the most of your college experience, our campus is centrally located within the city of Boise, and many private housing options serve students just blocks away. Boise State does not officially endorse any of these off-campus properties, but has prepared a list of off-campus housing options with their relative distance from campus to make housing decisions easier for our students and their families.

NameAddressPhoneTypeDistance from CampusWebsite
Identity Boise1825 W. Beacon Street
208-416-2800Apt.0.1 mileshttps://www.identityboise.com
La Villa Italia1000 Denver208-376-1616Apt.0.1 mileshttp://www.riversidemanagement.com
Oregon Trail Village*1630 Martha St.877-752-9599Apt0.2 mileshttp://www.oregontrailvillage.com
Park Village*898 Sherwood208-336-8787Suites 0.2 mileshttp://www.parkvillageboise.com
Iconic Village Apartments*529 Rossi208-342-2651Suites, apt. 0.3 mileshttp://www.iconicapartments.com
The Conservatory1076 S. Denver Avenue208-336-3020Apt0.3 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Eagle Pointe1837 W. Boise Ave #A208-343-9800Apt.0.3 mileshttp://www.eaglepointeapartments.net
Civic Plaza190 E. Front St208-344-7400Apt0.4 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Creek Bend1140 Colorado Lane208-344-9988Apt.0.5 miles
Riverside1001 Leadville Avenue208-342-0642Apt0.5 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Evergreen Suites1225 Euclid208-384-1600Suites0.6 mileshttp://www.evergreen-suites.com/
Park Lane310 Redwood Ct.208-342-1888Apt.0.8 miles
Bannock Arms330 E Bannock 208-344-3770Apt.1.0 mileshttp://www.parklaneco.com
Spring Creek 685 E Holly St208-433-9006Apt1.0 miles
Homestead 113 E. Holly St208-343-9319Apt.1.0 miles
Logger Creek332 W. Hale St208-384-0300Apt1.0 miles
River Plaza1249 Grand Ave208-338-1667Apt1.0 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Ann Morrison Park Apt1099 S. Dale St208-368-7844Apt.1.0 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Auld Investments702 W. Hays St.208-342-7256Apt1.2 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Clearwater660 S. Clearwater #101209-389-2110Apt1.2 miles
The Huntington Apt.173 E Mallard Dr208-386-9565Apt1.2 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Park View Apts3110 Crescent Rim208-344-9885Apt1.2 miles
Redwood Apts509 S. 13th208-344-4962Apt1.3 miles
RiverWalk1689 Shoreline Drive208-336-8444Apt1.3 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Pioneer Square1220 Grand Ave208-342-4028Apt.1.4 miles
River Quarry1618 S. Loggers Pond Place208-336-5700Apt1.4 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments_x000D_
Laurel Park511 Ave H 208-845-5455Apt1.5 miles
Shaw Mountain Heights670 Ave H209-343-1242Apt1.5 mileshttp://www.shawmountaincondos.com
Treehouse280 W. Boise Ave208-383-9385Apt.1.6 miles
Pennsylvania Place235 E. Pennsylvania St.208-385-0733Apt.1.7 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Chaparral5140 Blaser Lane208-345-5090Apt.1.8 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Oak Park Village2888 W. Cherry Lane208-345-2625Apt.1.8 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Reflections365 N 30th St208-333-7700Apt1.8 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Mount Vernon4703 Kootenai Street208-342-2371Apt.1.9 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
The Cottonwoods1671 S. Riverstone Lane208-342-2074Apt1.9 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Carriage Crossing2401 Apple Street208-385-9400Apt.2.1 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Greenfield4923 Albion St.208-336-9111Apt.2.1 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
Gekeler Farms3218 S. Gekeler Lane208-331-3276Apt.2.7 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments
The Park5700 Marvin Lane208-376-2385Apt.2.7 miles
Highland Springs2800 Bogus Basin Road208-345-3200Apt.2.8 mileshttp://boise.apartmentfinder.com/Boise-Apartments

* “student” oriented housing owned/operated by same company

Additional websites to view apartment information: