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Summer 2020 Storage

Personal Belongings Left in Residence Halls

Idaho Governor Brad Little’s Shelter-in-Place (SIP) order ends on April 30. Students who were unable to completely remove their personal belongings from their rooms can return to campus between May 1 and June 28 to collect the items left behind.

Items Not Collected

If you can’t visit campus between May 1 and June 28 to collect your belongings, Boise State will have a local storage company in Boise pack up your belongings, catalog them, and place them in secure and temperature-controlled storage. You can make an appointment with this company to pick up your belongings. An appointment is necessary to ensure that your items are retrieved and will be ready for pickup.

Fees for Summer Storage

A flat, one-time fee of $125 posts to your student account if you need to utilize the storage services described above. This fee will directly cover the costs of packaging materials, drivers, movers, warehouse staff, trucks, and monthly storage fees.

Duration of Storage

The one-time fee for this service will cover moving the belongings and storage for your belongings for the month of July. You will need to make arrangements to cover the costs of additional storage time or your items will be donated.

Request Form

If you left personal belongings in your room, you must complete the Summer 2020 Belongings Form. It records your intention to collect your items personally or to have them stored.