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Residential Testing FAQs

Why am I being tested for COVID-19?

As part of an ongoing effort to keep the Boise State community safe, testing will be conducted for all campus residents. Testing of this population will allow the Public Health Office to determine current community prevalence and initiate strategies to reduce the spread of infection.

How will I be tested?

An anterior nasal swab is used to collect a sample for COVID-19 testing. The swab is inserted into the nostril no more than a half inch. Once inserted, the swab is twisted and rubbed along the insides of the nostril for 15 seconds. The process is repeated in the other nostril.

How and when will I receive my COVID-19 test results?

Your test results should be back within 1-3 days. If you test positive you’ll be contacted by the university’s public health office and university staff will help you move into an isolation unit.

If you test negative, you’ll receive an email in your u.boisestate email.

Do I have to be tested?

Yes, in accordance with Boise State’s Communicable Disease Policy (9270) and your housing agreement.

When will I be tested?

Campus residents will be tested according to their designated residence hall. Each hall will be assigned a date and time and students will have the opportunity to register for a block of time that best fits their needs. Residence hall testing will proceed in alphabetical order.

What happens if I test positive?

Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be contacted by the Public Health Office. They will coordinate next steps with regards to isolation and contact tracing to stop the spread of infection.

What if I have a scheduling conflict on my assigned day for testing?

If you are unable to meet the requirement of testing on your residence hall’s assigned day, please reach out to the contact listed in your testing invitation email for guidance.

Is a facial covering required when coming for testing?

Please arrive at the testing site wearing a facial covering that covers your nose and mouth. Remain masked the entire time, except when swabbing takes place. To be swabbed, lower your facial covering so your nose is visible. Replace your facial covering immediately upon completion of testing.

Where is the testing taking place?

Testing will take place in Campus School (2100 W University Dr, Boise, ID 83706).

Please arrive and enter the building using the southwest entrance off of University Dr. or the northeast entrance from the parking lot. Follow signs and directions to proceed to room 109.

Do I need to get tested if I have already had COVID-19?

Contact the Public Health Office at or (208) 426-2968. A team member will help you determine next steps.

What if I am feeling ill? Should I still come to get tested?

Residential testing is for asymptomatic students, or students who are not experiencing any COVID symptoms. Prior to arriving at the testing site, all students must complete the LiveSafe Daily Health Questionnaire. Upon completion if there are any indications of infection or if you are instructed to stay home, do not proceed to be tested with the rest of your residence hall. Remain in your room and contact the public health office at or (208) 426-2968. A team member will help you determine next steps.

What if I am currently in quarantine? Should I still get tested?

In order to protect the community, students who are in quarantine during their residence hall’s assigned testing day will not be tested. Students advised by the Public Health Office to quarantine should continue to do so in their respective spaces and should not reserve a testing time or report to the testing site. Note: Testing during quarantine, whether resulting in a negative or positive test, does not affect the duration of the quarantine period.