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October 2022 FAQ

When will the Spring 2023 application open?

The opening date for the Spring 2023 application has been pushed back to October 18, 2022 due to some technology updates. The application will open October 18 at noon MST for all students.

What is the availability like for spring housing?

Availability is limited. We cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will receive a spot on-campus. We recommend applying as soon as the application opens to better your chances of receiving an assignment.

Are there any application fees for the spring application?

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee and $100 down payment. The down payment is refundable up to December 15, 2022 or if you do not receive an assignment.

Do I have to submit the Spring 2023 application if I am already living on-campus?

No, if you currently have an assignment for Fall 2022, that assignment will rollover into Spring 2023. You do not need to fill out the Spring 2023 application.

How would I go about changing my assignment at this time?

You will need to reach out to your Resident Director to inquire about changing your room at this time. You can schedule an appointment with your Resident Director by visiting your residence halls front desk. Note, room changes are based on availability and we cannot guarantee that we can move you to the room you’re requesting.

Who would I talk to about a conflict?

We recommend submitting a Conflict Alert. If you are having a conflict with a roommate(s), neighbor, peer, etc, you can submit this form to receive assistance. Once the form is submitted, it will notify our Conflict Management staff and your Resident Director so they can assist you with next steps.

I submitted a work order, but no one has stopped by yet.

Due to high demand, our maintenance team is not always able to respond to maintenance requests immediately. We ask for your patience as our team waits for parts to arrive and as they work through all requests.

I no longer want to live on-campus. What steps do I need to take in order to terminate my License Agreement?

Before canceling your License Agreement, we ask that you first meet with your Resident Director to see if there are any resources that can be provided to better your stay on-campus. After talking to your Resident Director, if you would like to proceed with terminating your License Agreement, you will first log into your Housing Portal. Next, you will go to the Applications tab and select the Request to Terminate License Agreement form. You will fill out this form and submit any documentation to support your decision to terminate your contract.

Qualifying events to terminate your contract prior to the end of the academic year include: Medical Hardship, Graduation, Military Leave, Study Abroad or International Studies, or Internship. Documentation is required in order to cancel without penalty.

If you are denied, you are still able to leave your on-campus housing, but you will be charged a cancellation fee. If you leave and are still enrolled in classes at Boise State University, you would receive a cancellation fee of half the remaining amount for housing for the academic year. If you are no longer enrolled at Boise State University, you would receive a $500 cancellation fee.