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First Year Application FAQ – 3/9/2023

First Year Fall 2023 – Spring 2024 Application FAQ

Why are the links to the Housing Application not on the website? How do I apply?

The link to the pre-application is currently available on our homepage. The pre-application will be available from March 15 to March 17. After completing the pre-application, within 24 hours you will receive an email with the link to complete your housing application. You will have until March 24 at 5:00 PM (MST) to complete your application.

I logged into the housing portal but I don’t see the application, why?

At this time, the first year application is not available. The pre-application will open on Slate on March 15 at 9:00 AM for In-State Resident and 12:00 PM MST (11:00 AM PST) for Out-of-State students. After completing the pre-application, you will receive an email to your Boise State email with the link to the housing application. At that time, you can login and submit your application. You will have from the time you receive the link until March 24 to complete your housing application and maintain your timestamp from the pre-application.

I went to complete the pre-application and I can’t access the form. Why is that?

In order to apply for on-campus housing, your Intent to Enroll must be submitted. To submit your Intent to Enroll, visit the Admissions webpage to complete the Intent to Enroll form.

I completed the pre-application but it didn’t ask me for my housing preferences, how do I let you know where I want to live?

The pre-application form is only for students to let us know that they are interested in living on-campus for their first year. After completing the pre-application, you will receive an email to your Boise State email with the link to complete your housing application. This is where you will let us know your on-campus housing preferences.

Why do first year Idaho Residents get to apply early on March 15?

As a public university, service to Idaho Residents is a critical part of our mission. Living on-campus is something Idaho Residents do at a lower rate, and we know students who live on-campus have a more solid foundation, especially their first year. For this reason, we’re giving Idaho Residents a head start to incentivize them to live on-campus for their first year at Boise State.

How will I log into the housing portal on once I receive the link following my pre-application?

You will receive an email with a link to the housing portal to complete your housing application on March 16. Make sure you are using the same login information as your MyBoiseState page. If that is not working for you, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at (208) 426-4357.

I don’t know my Student ID number, where do I find it?

Your student ID number can be found on your Student Center, accessed through It is found on that front page on the Update Personal Info Box.

Is on-campus housing guaranteed if I complete the pre-application?

No. Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee on-campus housing to everyone who applies. Priority will be based off of the timestamp received on the pre-application.

How much does it cost to apply for housing?

$150- There is a $50 non-refundable application fee and a $100 down payment (refundable only if you cancel your application prior to May 1, 2023). The $100 down payment is credited to your Fall housing payments.

Can the application fee or down payment be waived?

This is possible and may be based on financial need. Please contact the Housing Business Office for more information at

Can I pay the down payment through check or money order? Can I pay over the phone?

Payments must be made via Credit or Debit card. Our office does not take payments. For more information regarding payments, please contact the Student Financial Office at or (208) 426-1212.

What if I need a single room, support animal, or another housing accommodation due to a medical need?

You will need to connect with the Educational Access Center (EAC) for assistance and information. The EAC, based on the circumstances, will review your request to see if they can approve the requested accommodation. You can reach the EAC at or (208) 426-1583.

If I apply after the pre-application closes on March 17, is it too late for me to apply for housing?

It is not too late! Spots are not guaranteed, and are given on a first come first served basis – applying early is very important. We recommend that if you want to get one of your top community requests you fill out the housing application as soon as possible. The application will open to students who do not complete the pre-application on March 17. Community, room type and roommate requests are not guaranteed and are assigned in order of application date/time (also assigned in that order 1. community 2. room type 3. roommates).

Is on-campus housing guaranteed?

Due to limited availability, we cannot guarantee on-campus housing to everyone who applies. Priority will be based on timestamps. Boise State Off-Campus Marketplace is a resource that will help students, faculty, and staff with their search for apartments near campus if you are on a waitlist or want to secure housing now.

What are Living Learning Programs (LLP)? How are these communities beneficial to students?

The Living Learning Program includes eight communities in the residence halls that are focused on either an area of study or interest. They blend academics and daily life through classes, activities and live-in professors. You’ll get more from your Boise State experience in a Living Learning Program: more adventure, more community and more learning opportunities. Participate in retreats and activities outside of the classroom, develop strong relationships with other students and professors, and have access to additional academic resources, study groups and mentoring, right where you live. Choose any one of the communities for a built-in community of students who share common academic interest and a full-time professor living just down the hall.

  • Bronco Fit (BF)Located in Keiser Hall For students interested in personal well being
  • Business and Economics (COBE) Located in University Suites For first year students with business majors
  • Leadership and Engagement (LEC) Located in Taylor Hall For first year students interested in leadership activities and community service
  • Health Professionals (HPC) Located in Keiser Hall For first year students seeking degrees in healthcare
  • Stem Education (STEM-ED) Located in Taylor Hall For first year students who are interested in education (specifically the IDOTeach program)
  • Communication and Exploration (CEC) Located in Sawtooth Hall For first year students looking to prioritize academic success, meet friends, and explore resources.
  • Adventure Idaho (AIC) Located in Sawtooth Hall For first year students interested in outdoor activities including hiking, biking, camping, etc.
  • Engineering and Innovation (EIC) Located in Morrison Hall For all class year students interested in majoring in engineering, computer science, and Gaming, Interactive Media and Mobile technology (GIMM)

When will I receive my Community Assignment?

First year students will receive their Community Assignments on April 14 unless notified otherwise. Community Assignments will be sent to your Boise State email accounts.

If I am put on the waitlist, am I on the waitlist for my top preference or on the waitlist for on-campus housing?

If placed on the waitlist, you are on the waitlist for all on-campus housing. Our priority for students on the waitlist is to get them into on-campus housing. This means that if a spot comes available and it does not match the preferences listed in your application, we will assign you to the space. Changing your preferences in your application will not affect your waitlist position.

I don’t like my Community Assignment, how can I be moved?

Please send us an email to and we can submit a request to have your community assignment changed. Please include your name, student ID number, current assignment, and requested assignment. Note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to move you. Community assignments are made based on the timestamp of the application (first come first serve basis). If a spot opens in your requested community, we will notify you via email.

How do I select my roommates?

Roommate selection will be available from May 15 to June 1 for first year students.  This roommate matching tool will enable you to see, meet and request other students who have the same preferences as you. Please frequently monitor your Boise State email and you’ll get more information regarding when and how to login to roommate matching. Note that you can only match with students who were assigned to the same Community Assignment as you.

When will I find out my room assignment?

After completing the roommate process, all students will receive their official room assignment on June 15 unless notified otherwise. Be sure to check your Boise State email for updates.

How do I pay for housing and when is the first payment due?

You have two options, you can pay in full for the semester at the beginning of the billing period or you can enroll in a payment plan. The payment plan is opt-in. Here’s how to set up a payment plan. There is no fee to enroll, however, you must enroll by July 24 in order to have your semester fees split into 5 payments. The first payment for the Fall semester is due on July 25.

What food and meal plan options can I choose on campus?

Boise State University has a variety of dining venues across campus, from Buster’s Kitchen  in the SUB, to convenience stores and some of your favorite restaurants like Subway, Starbucks and Chick Fil-A. You’ll even find late-night options such as the Sous Vide Kitchen in Chaffee Hall and SouthFork Market, located in Honors College and Sawtooth Hall. First year students who live in the residence halls are required to have a weekly meal plan. Meal plans are optional for Sophmore and above students. Please direct all other questions regarding the Meal Plan to Boise State Dining Services at

Updated: 3/9/2023