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Application FAQ

Application Fees

Application Fee

  • A $50 nonrefundable application fee is due when you apply for university housing
  • Your application will not be processed until the application fee and housing down payment are received

Housing Down Payment

A $100 housing down payment is due when you apply and will be applied toward your housing charges once you are assigned.



Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Boise State is considered a public accommodation and may not discriminate against people with disabilities.  Boise State must provide equal access to all people by removal of physical barriers, provision of auxiliary aides, and “make reasonable changes in policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination.” – Source: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

How to Request Accommodations

By law, students with disabilities do not have to self-disclose or register with the Educational Access Center or Housing and Residence Life. However, if you are seeking reasonable housing accommodations or adjustments, you must contact the Educational Access Center.

All housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis as follows:

  • Contact the Educational Access Center and follow their documentation process
  • Educational Access Center will contact Housing and Residence Life with their recommendations of reasonable accommodations to be made for you
  • Housing and Residence Life will notify you of your specific assignment and accommodation via your Bronco email account within two business days
  • If accommodations cannot be made due to space availability, you will be notified about the delay and what to expect next.

Reasonable housing accommodations will be applicable for one academic year or lease period. You will need to request accommodations for each subsequent year or lease period.

Make your request for accommodations as soon as you apply for housing so we have the information we need to make the accommodations as early in the assignment process as possible.

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

The Living Learning Program (LLP) is made up of eight unique Living Learning Communities in the residence halls that blend academics and daily life through classes, activities and live-in professors. You’ll get more out of your Boise State experience in the LLP: more adventure, more community, and more learning opportunities.

Explore our LLP communities and select the one that’s right for you.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender-inclusive housing is an option that you can select as a preference when you apply to live on campus.

Gender Inclusive

“Gender Inclusive” housing means that you can be housed with any other student regardless of their gender identity. For example:

  • If you want to live with a friend who is not the same gender as you, you can both select “Gender Inclusive” housing on your applications. The Housing department will reach out to you at a later date (via student email) to determine roommate choices.
  • If you don’t have a roommate preference but would like to live with people of different genders

Gender Inclusive Housing Assignments

There are a lot of reasons why you may choose gender-inclusive housing as an option, but here are some things to remember:

  • Gender-inclusive housing is offered, as space is available, in several of our suite-style residence halls including the Honors College and Sawtooth Hall, Lincoln Townhomes, University Square, and University Suites. Please contact our office if these halls don’t meet your budget but you are interested in gender-inclusive housing.
  • As with all of our housing options, for the best chance of getting your housing preference, it’s essential to apply early.
  • If we don’t have space for all applicants who request gender-inclusive housing, we will house people who request gender-inclusive housing according to the gender identity listed on their application
  • In order to be assigned to gender-inclusive housing all students in the unit must have requested “Gender Inclusive” as a preference on the housing application

If you have questions regarding gender-inclusive housing, please contact or (208)447-1001 to answer your questions. If you have questions about gender identity or support for gender-related topics visit the Gender Equity Center website or contact them directly.

Contract Period

Residence Halls, Suites and Townhomes

The Residence Hall, Suites, Townhomes, and Meal Plan Agreement is a legally binding agreement that covers the full academic year (fall and spring semesters). Students must be enrolled full-time (12 credits or more) to be eligible to continue to live on campus.

The housing costs for the agreement do not include the winter break. Often the cost of staying in the halls during winter break is waived when a student lives on campus for the full academic year. However additional costs may apply if a student leaves on-campus housing mid-year or is no longer enrolled in enough credits to remain in housing. If you plan to stay on campus during any break period, please notify us by completing a break request. If you plan to leave your housing assignment before the end of the academic year, you may be liable for additional cancellation fees.