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Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Boise State is considered a public accommodation and may not discriminate against people with disabilities.  Boise State must provide equal access to all people by removal of physical barriers, provision of auxiliary aides, and “make reasonable changes in policies, practices and procedures to avoid discrimination.” – Source: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

How to Request Accommodations

By law, students with disabilities do not have to self-disclose or register with the Educational Access Center or Housing and Residence Life. However, if you are seeking reasonable housing accommodations or adjustments, you must contact the Educational Access Center.

All housing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis as follows:

  • Contact the Educational Access Center and follow their documentation process
  • Educational Access Center will contact Housing and Residence Life with their recommendations of reasonable accommodations to be made for you
  • Housing and Residence Life will notify you of your specific assignment and accommodation via your Bronco email account within two business days
  • If accommodations cannot be made due to space availability, you will be notified about the delay and what to expect next.

Reasonable housing accommodations will be applicable for one academic year or lease period. You will need to request accommodations for each subsequent year or lease period.

Make your request for accommodations as soon as you apply for housing so we have the information we need to make the accommodations as early in the assignment process as possible.