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Room Condition Report (RCR)

As part of your check-in process, you need to establish the condition of your room upon moving in.  You will be responsible for any damages to your room and University property in it.  Housing has done a room condition report that you will need to agree or disagree with and include your own notes. Room Condition Reports (RCR) must be completed within 7 days of move-in. Failure to do so will result in default acceptance of your RCR, as is. The process is lined out below.

  1. Log into your MyHousing Portal with your Bronco Web username and password.Login screen for Self Service
  2. Choose RCR/Damages
  3. Select Room Condition Reports
  4. Click on the pencil to open the report and review it.
  5. After reviewing the Room Condition Report you Agree or Disagree, add notes, sign the report, and submit it.