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Message to Residents of Jasper and Topaz Sent on October 29, 2020

We know you’ve faced a lot of challenges this year, and you’ve made a lot of sacrifices for the health and safety of our campus community. Today, we’re writing to ask you to face one more new challenge, one that we’re committed to helping you with every step of the way.

As Boise State has helped students move into isolation spaces this semester, we’ve learned a lot about how to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone. While we’ve had isolation spaces in other residence halls, it’s very apparent that our COVID nursing team – who supports students in isolation every day – can best serve those students when they are in the same building. So we’ve made the difficult decision to close Jasper and Topaz Halls in University Square to convert them to isolation spaces.

What does this mean for you?

First, you’ll still be able to live on campus for the rest of the academic year. And second, our single greatest priority right now is supporting you through this transition. 

You have several options to consider.

Staying on campus

If you’d like to be reassigned to a new space on campus, use this form to confirm and tell us your preference for reassignment by Tuesday, November 3. We’ll email you on November 5 with your new assignment. Then you’ll be free to move as soon as you’d like, though we’ve designated November 18-20 as moving days, when we’ll have lots of helping hands available to assist you. 

We’ll be reassigning to these 5 residence halls: Garnet Hall (in University Square), Selway Suites (in University Suites), Keiser Hall, Taylor Hall, and Barnes Towers. Reassignments will be based on the order in which you applied for housing and your ordered preferences. 

Your reassignment will simply be a continuation of your existing license agreement. Your housing fees won’t increase, and you’ll continue to be billed at your current rate unless your new assignment would normally be billed at a lower rate. And to offset any moving costs you may incur, we’ll be applying a $300 credit toward your student housing account.

Moving off campus

If you choose to move off campus, your license agreement will end on November 30, and you will not incur a buyout fee. Assuming proper checkout – including all personal belongings removed from the room –  by November 30, your housing fees for the month of December will be removed from your student account. If you paid those fees in advance, we’ll process your refund by the end of December.

Regardless of your choice, Boise State will make resources available to you for moving, storage, and additional support. We’ve compiled an FAQ on our website that should answer most of the questions you might have about how we’ll help you throughout the next few weeks.

We know you have a lot to think about after reading this. Please take a few days to talk with family and friends, and think about how you’d like to proceed. You can call (208) 447-1001 or email us at with your question. We’re in the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, and we’ll be sure you get answers quickly.

Best wishes,

Housing and Residence Life