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University Human Capital Management Cloud Project

HCM Cloud Project News

The Human Capital Management (HCM) project plays an important role in HR’s Great Eight strategy by updating our HR systems to meet the needs of a modern metropolitan university.

HCM News

HCM Cloud Project News – February 2021
HCM Cloud Project News – December 2020
HCM Cloud Project News – November 2020
HCM Cloud Project News - October 2020

About the HCM Project

Boise State’s current HR/Payroll system was originally released in 1998, almost a decade before we won our first Fiesta Bowl. A lot has changed around campus since then.

However, we are still printing, scanning, and manually processing thousands of paper forms each year. This project not only makes it possible for HR and the campus community to shift effort away from transaction activities to more proactive and responsive employee engagement, but also plays a key role in our IT strategy of future proofing our enterprise systems.

The new HCM Cloud system, as a part of a forthcoming “Bronco Hub” that also includes Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) and Oracle Reporting, will do more than just update our back office. We’ve developed a unique project team structure that brings employees and leaders from every division into every step of this journey. Expanded self-service options, better reporting, and bringing the user interface into the 21st century are examples of features we’re excited to work with the campus community to develop in the coming months.

HCM Kickoff Team

More Information

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