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HCM Cloud Project News – October 2020

Person using laptop computer to perform human resources work

The HCM Cloud project’s Employee Self-Service mini-workgroup is playing an important role by providing feedback to help improve HCM Cloud and Bronco Hub training materials and communications.

This group recently reviewed HCM Cloud and Bronco Hub and stated they are “straightforward” and “easy to navigate,” which was great to hear!

What Can You Do in HCM Cloud?

Here’s a sample of what Boise State faculty and staff will be able to do in HCM Cloud:

Update Your Personal Details

  • Preferred name
  • Submit name change
  • Marital status

Update Your Contact Information

  • Mailing address
  • Personal email address
  • Phone number
  • Central location for additional contacts (e.g., family and emergency)

View Employment Information

  • Department
  • Business title
  • Pay grade
  • Employee ID (“Person #”)
  • Manager
  • Org Chart (view your team’s organizational chart)

View Your Compensation Details

  • Hourly rate
  • Annual salary (if applicable)
  • Direct deposit – now updated in one location (no longer have to update in both PeopleSoft and OFC)
  • View paycheck information
  • View and update federal and state income tax withholding
  • View/enroll in benefits
  • New Absence Management feature allows an employee to request future time off (you don’t have to remember to enter time off while on vacation!)
  • View real time and projected leave balances
  • Add/View/Update/Withdraw an absence
  • View absences in a calendar view format
  • View your team’s scheduled absences (details are not visible)
  • View accrual balances
  • Time entry submissions will not have the lag that current state does, my supervisor can see my submitted time as soon as it is submitted.
  • Employees will have the option of Save reported and Submit later, which is more intuitive (today in PeopleSoft Submit is used to both save and submit, which causes confusion).

Watch for information about drop-in sessions coming next month that will allow staff and faculty to see HCM Cloud in action, ask questions, and learn more!

Additional Information

Please contact for more information about HCM Cloud and Bronco Hub.

What’s Changing?

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New ChangeWhat It Means
Continuous Application ImprovementSystem is designed to deliver more frequent, smaller scale functionality enhancements to improve the end user experience.
Opt-In FunctionalityBoise State can choose what new functionality to activate each quarter in collaboration with our campus community.
Quarterly Patch BundlesRegular maintenance of HCM Cloud and Bronco Hub will ensure fixes are applied on a routine basis.
Event BookingEvent Booking functionality in PageUp can be used for scheduling candidate interviews.
One Website for All Benefit Eligible Job PostingsThere is now one website for all benefit eligible job postings on campus. This includes both externally posted jobs as well as jobs for current Boise State employees only.
A Job Posting becomes the Job Description for employeesThe Job Description is emailed to the employee and supervisor and placed in the employee's personnel file.
Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC) Name Change"Bronco Hub" is a new service name that will combine OFC, Oracle Reporting, and HCM Cloud.

University Financials Training Portal is now Bronco Hub Training Portal.

Websites and job aids are updated.

The campus community accesses Bronco Hub through myBoiseState.
Bronco Hub Page ColorsColors reflect Boise State brand standards.
Bronco Hub Newsfeed LayoutThe news feed layout allows better organization of content so it's easier to use.

View the Bronco Hub Navigation Matrix for a map of all the icons
Bronco Hub Direct LinksEmployees are able to access other Boise State webpages, such as Bronco Hub Training Portal and Travel Authorization App, directly from Bronco Hub.
PageUp – Prior to serving on a search committee, you must complete mandatory trainingAll search committee members will know the rules and understand how to use the PageUp system. This will ensure search compliance, and make the application review process more efficient.
Employees will see calculated overtimeImproved accuracy for overtime-eligible employees.
Time and Labor will be used to report hours worked, and Absence Management will be used to request and report leaveEmployees can accurately manage leave time, schedule leave time in advance, and view estimated leave balances.
Time and Absence approvals – There will be multiple locations for Line Managers to approve hours. Comments will be required if reported time is revised or rejected, providing more accurate information to employees.
Hours worked from all assignments are located on the same timecardSupervisors will only approve hours for the employee assignments they manage. This increases transparency.
New Support ContactsThe Office of Budget and Planning will provide assistance for questions about positions and budgeting. Human Resource Services will handle assistance for all other position questions.
Greater Autonomy to Initiate Employee TransactionsSupervisors ("Line Managers") will go to one location to initiate transactions, and HCM Cloud will present visual information about supervisory information and organizational reporting hierarchies.
Personalized Talent ProfileEmployees will be able to enter skills and qualifications gained through certifications, trainings, and other professional development accomplishments.
Tenure DetailsFaculty tenure details will be managed though HCM Cloud.
One Chart of AccountsHCM and OFC will use the same chart of accounts; new department or cost center accounts will be available for use in both OFC and HCM.
Contact ListManage your beneficiaries, dependents, and emergency contacts in one HCM Cloud location.
Improved Timecard Review for SupervisorsSupervisors will receive one email for each timecard submitted. This will provide an easy opportunity for a supervisor to review reported hours.
Future Time ReportingAbsence Management will allow employees to report future time off.
Fast, Easy Approval for Reported TimeSupervisors can approve reported time directly from an email reminder. Time approval will also be available from mobile devices, making it easy to approve time from anywhere.
View Reported Time As Soon As It’s SubmittedSupervisors will be able to view and approve reported time as soon as the employee submits it.
Employees Can Choose to Save or Submit Reported TimeEmployees will have separate options for saving or submitting reported time.
Improved User Experience Will Feature HR Actions and OFC Actions in the Same LocationCombining HR actions and OFC actions in the same location will make it much easier to locate information. Campus Liaisons will help define and improve the user experience.
OSP and Approval WorkflowThe Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will no longer be part of the Approval Workflow for transactions that today are managed through EAFs (Electronic Action Forms). OSP’s role in the Approval Workflow will instead transition to Principal Investigators. This will streamline the workflow process by reducing processing time.
Time Reporting CodesTime Reporting Codes (TRC’s) will be more intuitive in HCM Cloud, making it easier to identify the correct code for reporting time.
Approve Time from Email NotificationsSupervisors will have the ability to approve reported time directly from an email notification. This will make the approval process much easier.
Earned Rate“Earned Rate” is a new term for the rate an employee earns vs. what employees are being paid when spread over a 12-month period. This Earned Rate will be visible within “Assignment Details” in HCM Cloud, and applies to those employees working fewer than 12 months but with pay spread over 12 months. This provides transparency for the employee for their rate of pay.
Delegating Time ApprovalsSupervisors will be able to delegate their time approvals while out of the office or on vacation.
Real Time ProcessingNo more lag between time reporting and approvals! Faster entry for EAF actions!
More Transparency with ApprovalsWhen you submit a job change for an employee, you’ll be able to see where it is in the approval process from beginning to end.
Direct Deposit InformationAll of your employee direct deposit information will be located in one place. AP/Travel reimbursements and Payroll!
Supervisor ChangesSupervisor changes will be easier and faster!
Absence ManagementEmployees will be able to schedule time off in advance (so you don’t have to remember to enter time off on vacation!), and view real time and forecasted leave balances.
Fewer than 12-Month AppointmentsAppointments fewer than 12-months will now be 9-, 10-, or 11-month appointments. There will no longer be .5-month appointments.
ReportingmyInsights reporting will no longer be used, with Oracle Reporting being the new system for HR and Payroll reporting needs.

What’s Staying the Same?

Not Changing
Official Offer Letter will continue to come from Human Resources
Positions should continue to be budgeted at the expected hire rate.
Departments must ensure there is sufficient position budget before proceeding with recruiting.
All budget transfers will continue to require approval through OFC.
Departments will continue to utilize internal procedures to manage requirements that are unique to their unit.
Jobs will continue to be posted to the same free recruiting sites.
Length of time required for job postings remain the same.
Due dates for OFC year-end processing will continue.
Employees will continue to have the option of accruing comp time rather than paid overtime.
Hours worked cannot be entered into future pay periods.
Time worked will be reported through Time and Labor.
Employees will continue to have the ability to update their own personal information.
The Employee Health Insurance Enrollment process will stay the same.
Additional Pay: We previously reported new terminology for “Additional Pay” (anything that adds to employee base pay, e.g., “supplemental pay”), but we’ve since learned the terminology will remain the same.
Look and Feel: HCM will look familiar to those of you who use OFC (Oracle Financials Cloud).
Chart of Accounts definitions.

New Terms for HCM Cloud

Current in PeopleSoftNew in HCM Cloud
Local Approver (Position Budgeting)Auxiliary Approver (Position Budgeting)
Job DescriptionJob Standard
Enterprise Hire DateThe Enterprise Hire Date will reflect the date an individual was originally hired at Boise State, which may be that of a previous position.
Employee Record NumberAssignment Number
SupervisorLine Manager
Benefit Eligible EmployeeRegular Employee
Non-Benefit Eligible EmployeeTemporary Employee
Temp FundingIrregular Funded positions will be identified as "Faculty Irregular," "Professional Irregular," etc.
ABBR – Annual Base Benefit RateIBS – Institutional Base Salary