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Idaho Public School Substitute Leave

Effective: September 20, 2021

General Information

Governor Little has approved a temporary benefit for eligible State of Idaho employees to receive paid time off to substitute in Idaho Public School Districts (K-12). This is a temporary benefit to support in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Boise State University regular benefit-eligible employees are eligible for paid time off to substitute in-person in Idaho Public Schools when they meet the following criteria:

  • An eligible employee must receive some paid leave, wages or salary for the pay period in which they request to code Substitute Leave.
  • Employees must be employed as regular benefit-eligible as of September 20, 2021.
  • Employees must meet all school district requirements to be hired as a substitute and pass all screening processes to ensure the safety of school children before being approved to utilize Substitute Leave.
  • Employees must provide in-person substitution to an Idaho public school.
  • Boise State University has the discretion to approve or deny an employee’s request to take Substitute Teacher Leave in accordance with workload demands, performance and other legitimate business reasons.
  • Employees can only use this leave when providing in-person substitute support when authorized to be paid by an public Idaho school district (K-12) (i.e., volunteer work for the school district does not qualify).

Use and Compensation of Leave

  1. Substitute Leave is available up to 16 hours per pay period for the duration of time that this temporary paid benefit is available (regardless of full-time or part-time status).
  2. Employees can use up to eight (8) hours of Substitute Leave to complete necessary paperwork to apply to be a substitute, complete background requirements and attend orientation as required by the school district.
  3. Employees are responsible for paying any fees associated with substitute leave, such as background checks.
  4. Employees may be requested to provide documentation to validate the hours they worked as a substitute (for example, a paystub from the school district).
  5. If an employee is paid by the school district to substitute for an entire school day but it is less than eight (8) hours, employees are eligible to code Substitute Leave for eight (8) hours on that day. If an employee is paid by the school district to substitute for half of a school day but it is less than four (4), employees are eligible to code Substitute Leave for four (4) hours on that day.
  6. Substitute Leave may not be coded if it will result in excess hours coded to the employee’s normally scheduled workweek. For example, if a full-time employee plans to work a reduced work schedule but then works in excess of what was planned, the employee is required to reduce the number of Substitute Leave hours coded during that workweek.
  7. Employees shall use the following Substitute Leave code: SUB – Substitute Leave

Use in Conjunction with Other Leave Types

  1. Accrued Leave Benefits. Employees may request to utilize accrued vacation and compensatory leave in conjunction with Substitute Leave, if approved in accordance with agency procedures.
  2. Holidays. If a holiday occurs while an employee is substitute teaching, such day will be coded to holiday pay.

Effect of Transfer to New Agency

  1. If an employee transfers to another state agency, the employee must complete a new request and receive approval to utilize Substitute Leave at their new agency.

Steps to Apply for Substitute Leave


  1. Discuss your interest in participating in this program with your supervisor; if your supervisor supports your interest, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Contact the school district(s) you are interested in substituting for and determine the appropriate process to apply.
  3. Once you have identified what you need to do to apply, discuss with your supervisor if you need flexibility in your work schedule and/or time-off to complete the necessary paperwork, background check requirements and/or orientations. If approved by your supervisor, you may utilize up to eight (8) hours of Substitute Leave to complete the necessary paperwork, background check requirements and orientation as required by the school district(s). Please note, you are responsible for paying for any fees associated with this process, such as the cost for a background check.
  4. Complete school district application requirements.
  5. Once you receive either an approval or a denial from the school district(s) you applied to be a substitute teacher with, complete the Paid Time Off to Substitute Request Form found on University forms and submit it to your supervisor.


  1. Consult with your manager to determine the necessary process within your agency for approval and denial of employee requests to take substitute leave.
  2. When you receive a completed Paid Time Off to Substitute Request form, review the information provided and if you do not have any questions or concerns, sign the form and submit it to human resources at
  3. If the employee is approved for Substitute Leave, ensure appropriate time coding of the employee’s timesheet, including but not limited to: use of the appropriate time code on the appropriate day(s) and for the appropriate hours; an employee does not use more than 16 hours of Substitute Leave during a pay period; an employee’s use of Substitute Leave does not impact their benefit-eligibility status; and, extension of probation if necessary.

Idaho School District Contact List

Paid Time Off to Substitute Request Form