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Required Plans

Boise State University employees participate in either PERSI or the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) based on eligibility.  The University and eligible employees contribute a specific percentage of earnings to the retirement plan each pay period.  Employee contributions are made through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis.  The contribution percentages are set by State statute and the Idaho State Board of Education.  Employees may not change or stop their contribution amounts to the required retirement plans.

The State of Idaho and the Idaho State Board of Education require participation in the retirement plans as follows:

  • Classified Employees – PERSI
  • Faculty / Non-Faculty Professional Employees – ORP
    • Faculty / Non-Faculty Professional Employees that elected to remain with PERSI when the ORP was initially rolled out and new employees that are already VESTED with PERSI (either from a previous position with the University or from a prior employer) can choose to continue contributing to PERSI.
    • Any individuals that are currently receiving a PERSI retirement benefit need to contact a HRS Benefits Representative at 208-426-4429 and PERSI at 208-334-3365 to determine how their employment may impact their pension payment.

Click on the links below to learn more about each Retirement option:

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