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Plot Twist the Theme of 2020

What We Tackled:

  • Quick HR Updates

    • Special Guest: Zeynep Hansen with the Strategic Planning Committee gave us great information on how to be  involved in the upcoming open forums.

  • Plot Twist the Theme of 2020

    • We had an amazing conversation about doing all the things in 2020. Holly Levin gave us some necessary  and thoughtful tips on wellness. You can see the conversation and the tips on our recording of the session.

      • Leave Options – a quick reminder that we have many leaves available to use. Use this form to determine which leave you can utilize and be in contact with our leave specialist Tiffany Widman

      • If you don’t take advantage of the some amazing BroncoFit Perks start here:

        • BroncoFit Wellness Release Time: Boise State benefit eligible employees are allotted 60 minutes of BroncoFit wellness release time per week with supervisor approval. On-campus activities will be approved as well as some off-campus activities in which the supervisor can request documentation.

        • Midday Mindfulness: These sessions will be 10-15 minutes and led by members of the BroncoFit team. They will focus on centering, grounding, deep breathing, and more.

  • Don’t Forget Your Resources: As always we want to remind you we are here for you and we have resources available for you. Check them out: