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Upcoming Annual Evaluations: Empathy in Evaluations 2020

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” ~Anonymous

With all the unanticipated twists and turns that the last year has brought us, it’s nice to look forward to something familiar. As an annual part of our work at Boise State, the HR Growth team wants to make sure you are ready, informed and prepared to take on employee evaluations this year. And we know that this has not been an ordinary year for employees. In light of that, we have themed this year’s manager training to focus on empathy.

Abel Johnson and Kyle Galloway, the newest members of the HR Growth Team, will lead division/college wide manager trainings in December and January. They gave a preview of their training at the November 17 HR Fireside Chat, where they prompted the audience to discuss what empathy meant to them.

Galloway gave a preview of what managers can expect when attending the Empathy In Evaluation training saying, “We really are trying to be mindful … because the work has shifted, it looks different, it feels different … everybody’s situation may be a little bit different”

The Growth Team has taken a different approach this year and scheduled individual training sessions with each division/college. Managers and supervisors will receive an email from their business manager with the date of their training; if that date is incompatible with your work schedule, the training also will be recorded and sent to all managers in a college/division with answers to any pre-submitted questions, along with resources.

“COVID aside, we are aware that as employees and managers you have a lot on your plate. With so much out of our control this year, one of the few things we can control is making the training more accessible, easier and in a better format,” Johnson said. “We partnered with Teaching and Learning Solutions, and Jackie made this great video for campus. It’s easy, it’s quick, you can do it at your own time. We hope it adds value to evaluations and helps people because that’s what we are here to do.”

You can view the Classified/Professional evaluation form training video on the Annual Performance Evaluation page on the HR website.

It is a goal of the HR Growth Team to continue to enhance annual performance evaluations and performance management at Boise State. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out the Growth Team and