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Update on False Boise State Unemployment Claims

Back in December, your HR partners reported that we were receiving reports of fraudulent unemployment claims being filed in the name of some of our employees. Recently, we have seen an escalation in false claims. In June of 2020, we confirmed with the Idaho Department of Labor that personal information was not obtained from Boise State University records, but from another outside source.

While not all employees have had a fraudulent claim made in their name, some employees have reported receiving fraudulent communications mailed to their home addresses. If you suspect something is in error please be cautious and contact the DOL or Boise State Human Resources. While we cannot open unemployment claims on behalf of employees, we are helping with appeals and assisting those who have received fraudulent claims. 

Most typically, the DOL will notify you if a false claim has been filed in your name with a letter entitled “Monetary Review – Wage Determination” or you will receive a letter requesting additional information about your claim filed.  This letter will state that you recently filed for unemployment insurance benefits. If you receive one of these letters and have not applied for unemployment compensation please do the following immediately:

Please inform each contact you did not file for unemployment. This will start the process of stopping any claims processing. The Idaho Department of Labor will give you any further instructions you will need. You can learn more about reporting unemployment fraud on the DOL website.