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HR Fireside Chat: February Pulse Check

What We Tackled:

  • February Pulse Check Video Recap: And here’s my cute (because the photos are awesome) little PowerPoint with some ideas for getting in Active Recovery and Better Rest :

    • Active Recovery: recovering your brain in a way that is not passive (TV, Silly Phone Apps, etc)… Get your mind completely off work and onto something you enjoy that fills you with joy.

      • Active Recovery ideas from the group:

        • Hiking, going on more walks, getting sunshine, less screen time, dance, skiing, biking, playing with pets, yoga, reading/listening to books, painting, crafting, sewing, quilting –all of these would make fantastic Employee Social Network groups by the way.

      • Some tips from the group on ways to put work to on pause and balance better:

        • Make a list of things you didn’t get done and tackle them tomorrow

        • Make a calendar event at the end of the day, and THAT is when you END THE DAY (no cheating).

        • Mindfulness practice

      • Tips for getting better rest (these are from the PowerPoint)

      • Ultimately you need to take care of yourself

        • Use the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) if you need to

        • Talk it out with friends, family or a professional

        • Identify and lean on your support system

        • Take breaks and find a moment or two of joy

          • You cannot fill from an empty bucket

HR Updates

  • Cyber Security emails went out to campus and must be completed by  March 31, 2021

  • Join the Welcome Team Thursday for the Monthly DRC (Department Recruitment Coordinator) meeting Thursday, March 11 at 3pm. Email Jordy LePiane at if you are not already on the invite and would like to join.

  • Boise State Benefits Open Enrollment for FY22  and FSA elections is coming up: April 26 – May 14, 2021.

    • Watch the update and HR webpages for more information over the next few months regarding Open Enrollment and the Boise State Virtual Benefits Fair.

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