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Boise State University Compliance Certification

As a new Boise State employee, there are specific documents, policies, procedures, and training that you are required to read and understand to help you be successful in your career at the University. The University requires that you complete these tasks within 30 days.

In addition, we encourage you to work with your supervisor to become familiar with department policies and procedures specific to your job.

If you are having difficulty accessing this information or completing the process, please reach out to your supervisor or contact Human Resources at 426-1616 for assistance.

How to Complete the Training

  1. Login to Bronco Learn with your Boise State credentials.
  2. Click “Boise State University Employees”.
  3. Select “Boise State University Compliance Certification”.
  4. Select “Enroll”.
  5. Go to your dashboard to begin the training.

Student Employee Compliance Process

Student Compliance Certification Process

List of Laws and University Policies

Boise State University faculty and staff must transact university business in compliance with all laws, regulations, and university policies related to their positions and areas of responsibility. Managers and supervisors are responsible for teaching and monitoring compliance in their areas.

Review the following policies:

  1. Non-discrimination and Anti-harassment policy #1060
  2. Drug/Alcohol Policy #7020
    and read this document
    2015-2016 Boise State Drug Alcohol Abuse Prevention Education Program
  3. Problem Solving (Grievance Procedure) and Due Process Policy
    1. Classified Staff
    2. Professional Staff
    3. Faculty
  4. Idaho Domestic Violence Policy
  5. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) University Procedures
  6. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Integrity and Ethical Conduct

Boise State University relies on each community member’s ethical behavior, honesty, integrity, and good judgment. Each Faculty and Staff member should demonstrate respect for the rights of others and is accountable for his/her actions. The following documents relate to integrity and ethical conduct.

  1. Standards of Conduct
  2. Statement of Shared Values
  3. Wage Deduction Authorization Agreement
  4. Confidentiality Statement

Performance Evaluation Policy

Professional employee performance evaluation

Classified employee performance evaluation