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Change in Employee Compensation (CEC) for FY2022

Each year, the Idaho State Legislature determines annual pay raises for State of Idaho employees. These raises are referred to as Change in Employee Compensation, or CEC. This year is different from typical CEC years as the State is allocating two years of funding into one CEC. Governor Little previously approved a 2% CEC for fiscal year 2021 (FY21), which was placed on hold due to the pandemic. However, Boise State, along with other State agencies, has now been approved to use those funds in combination with the approved 2% increase for fiscal year 2022 (FY22).

Boise State is pleased to move forward with a 4% CEC. 36% is funded by the state and the rest is funded by the university. A portion of the university contribution is funded with one time funds. It is our hope that as we emerge from the pandemic and our enrollment growth continues, that we will be able to fund the entire increase in future years.

Professional and Classified Employees’ Merit Matrix

Although this year’s CEC will be based on a 4% budget, each individual’s CEC is based on several specific and individualized factors, such as an individual’s performance score and placement on the salary schedule. The following matrix shows the percentage increases that will be allocated this year. Employees who are eligible for CEC will receive individual letters explaining their specific increase.

Compa-ratio compares the compensation an employee is paid to the midpoint of the salary range. A compa-ratio of 100 means the employee is paid at mid-point.
Does Not Meet Expectations
Meets Expectations
Solid Sustained

FY22 Pay Ranges and Grades

Faculty Compensation Increases

Faculty compensation increases were also based on several individualized factors, including performance ratings and equity and compression measures. In addition, the following salary increases were made for faculty members who advanced in academic rank or lecturer level:

  • $7,000 for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor
  • $10,000 for promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor
  • $1,000 for promotion from Lecturer Level 1 to Lecturer Level 2
  • $1,500 for promotion from Lecturer Level 2 to Lecturer Level 3

Faculty who are eligible for CEC will receive individual letters with their specific percentage increase to their base salary. These letters will arrive at the same time they receive their contract in July.

Dates for Distribution of CEC Increases

CEC increases will be in effect as of the following dates:

  • Classified Employees – June 13, for pay date July 9
  • Professional Employees – June 27, for pay date July 23
  • Faculty Employees – July 25, for pay date August 20

General Guidance and Reminders

To be eligible for CEC, employees must:

  • Have a current performance evaluation of “Achieves Performance Standards” or better within the past 12 months.
  • Have completed the statewide mandatory cybersecurity and respectful workplace training.
  • Be benefit-eligible and hired prior to March 1, 2021.


For questions about your performance rating, please contact your direct supervisor. For other CEC questions, please contact Human Resources at:

Physical Location: 2225 W University Drive Capitol Village, #35

  • We are open for walk-ins Monday thru Thursday 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Telephone: (208) 426-1616