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COVID-19 Furlough – Self Paying Health Insurance and Other Benefits

Boise State will continue to pay the employer portion of employee benefits for all furloughed employees. However, employees that are taking furloughs for 5 or more consecutive days, will need to self-pay their health insurance premiums to maintain insurance coverage. Employees should contact the to determine the dates that the premiums are due, based on the dates of their furlough.

Self-Paying Health Insurance Premiums

Self-paying health insurance premiums occur when the employee isn’t receiving a paycheck large enough for the payroll deduction. If you want to continue your medical and dental coverage during this time, follow these steps:

  1. Email  The benefits team will confirm your medical plan and monthly payment
  2. Complete this Self Pay form below.
  3. Self pay one month at a time before the end of each month by card or by paper check/money order.

Ways to pay

  • You can pay by debit or credit card 
  • Or mail a paper check or money order to Boise State University at: Boise State University HR Benefits – Mail Stop 1265 -1910 University Drive – Boise, ID 83725- 1265

Self-Payment Deadlines

Blue Cross will not accept late premiums, a late payment would result in a loss of your health insurance coverage. Self-Payments are due prior to the month of coverage. For example, for July premiums, the payment should be received by Human Resources no later than June 30, 2020.

Unenrolling in Health Insurance

If you do not wish to self-pay for the Health Insurance Premiums, please complete the Blue Cross of Idaho Enrollment Form and complete the section to decline the coverage.  The health insurance would end on the first of the month following the receipt of the Blue Cross form.

If you decline the health insurance coverage during this time, you would be eligible to re-enroll as of the first of the month following your return to work.

Self-Paying Basic Life

While on an approved furlough, Boise State would continue to pay the premiums for the Basic Life insurance coverage.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance Coverages

Employees enrolled in the Voluntary Term Life Insurance, may continue these insurance benefits through the self-payment process.  If enrolled, you may also continue the Spouse and Dependent Life coverages by submitting the monthly premiums. If you do not wish to continue this benefit while on furlough, to re-enroll upon your return to active employment you would need to contact the Office of Group Insurance.

Self Paying Flexible Spending

The Flexible Spending deductions will be suspended while on furlough. Once you return to active employment, you would have the missed Flexible Spending contributions caught up through a pre-tax payroll deduction. Any claims submitted during the furlough will be held at Navia, pending catch-up contributions. Employees may self-pay the Flexible Spending as an after-tax contribution by contacting the Office of Group Insurance.


Employees that are participating in the NCPERS Life Insurance, may continue this benefit through self-payment.  If you do not wish to continue this benefit while on furlough, you would be offered the option to enroll again during their Open Enrollment period in November 2020.

ARAG – Group Legal Plan

Employees enrolled in the ARAG Group Legal Plan may continue this benefit by submitting checks directly to ARAG 1-800-247-4184 Client #15481bsu.   If you do not wish to continue this benefit while on furlough, you would be able to re-enroll upon your return to active employment. If you choose not to self-pay, the ARAG legal benefit would be suspended while on furlough.

Submit Self Pay Form

  • Name
  • Choose the Plans you wish to self pay:
  • In order to self-pay the Voluntary Spousal and/or Dependent Life, you must also continue to self-pay the Voluntary Term Life
  • Please indicate your intended payment method:
    Please note: you will need to self pay one month at a time before the end of each month