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Working Remotely – Supporting Remote Teams

Many of our teams have been successfully juggling the demands of our current environment while working remotely. As of this last week, many of our colleagues are now also adding “teacher” to their list of duties as schools have started with many students studying from home. Intentionally discussing what’s right for your teams, while maintaining your department’s business needs (which will look different between departments) is very important.

Boise State’s official stance is to allow, where possible, immense flexibility to your teams and provide work from home options whenever possible. Some steps that you can take to help make this environment successful are below.

  1. Set clear expectations. Collaborate with your team members on some key factors like: What does successful output and quality look like week to week? This sets your colleagues up for success in understanding on a weekly basis what is expected of them.
  2. Show Trust. Trust your team to provide the work output and quality you clearly set in step 1 (setting clear expectations).
  3. Check in regularly. Have ongoing communication between you and your team members to provide recognition for work well done, to discuss areas of improvement if output and quality is not being met, and the check in with them to see how they are doing and what support you can provide to help them be successful.
  4. Be extremely flexible. People, not just those with school aged kids, are juggling a lot. Get creative on how expectations can be met in this environment. Shift yourself and your team to a productivity based mindset as opposed to an hourly (time in seat, during certain hours) mindset.
    1. For example:
      1. This could look like flex schedules and coverage for hourly employees. Do they need to log on before a school day starts, and then again at night? Explore alternative options as opposed to a strict 8-5.
      2. For salaried employees, this could also look like flexible schedules and a shift to a productivity (vs specific hours) based mindset and success metric.

How your team is treated and worked with during this time matters long after this pandemic is over. Prioritizing your people, while getting creative on how to meet business needs, will pay off.

If you are unsure on how to have these conversations with your staff, or if you are an employee who is unsure how to have this type of conversation with your supervisor, We Are Here For You! Reach out to us so we can support you in this process. There are also some leave options available if applicable, for a better understanding make sure to look at our Employee Leave Pages. 

Ideas and Best Practices

Things That Might Help

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