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Self-Paced Career Videos

Uncover a variety of personal and professional development topics to help you take charge of your career at Boise State.

Check back weekly as we continue to add videos.

To get started, check out the three-part series below and download the Coaching Yourself to Success Worksheet to develop your career plan.

Introduction to HR Career Growth Services

Part 1: Understanding Your Values & Needs

This video will set the stage for the series and focus on identifying your values, wants, and needs when it comes to your career and personal life.

Part 2: Finding Your Why

Discuss some of the reasons why employees are dissatisfied in their career and walk through a simple exercise to better understand your purpose and “why”.

Part 3: Creating Your Action Plan

Gather all the information from Part 1 & 2 to help you get started with creating your career action plan.

Additional Video Topics