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GROW Career Development Program

Whether you know exactly where you want your career to go, or you’re seeking increased responsibilities in your current position, Human Resources wants you to play an active role in your career trajectory.

GROW or Get Ready for Opportunities at Work is a free career development program designed to further your professional education, broaden your skill sets and identify opportunities to advance in your position. Our goal is to develop employees with the skills and competencies necessary to be successful in their current role and to qualify for promotions or other jobs on campus.

We encourage supervisors and employees to work together on creating a career development plan using these workshops as part of your commitment to GROW yourself and your team at Boise State.

For more information, please contact the HR Workplace Learning & Development team at

*GROW is intended for benefit-eligible staff.

What You’ll Get Out of Career Development Trainings

Career development training is about giving you opportunities to further your professional education and advance your skills. It is also the process of identifying your strengths, exploring opportunities, and honing decision-making skills that shape your career.

Additionally, you can expect:

  • Exposure to a portfolio of career development trainings that match your interests and schedule to increase and advance your skill sets
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with colleagues from across the university
  • Support and encouragement from university and divisional management
  • Expanded metrics and areas to show growth, strengthening your annual evaluation

How will the program work?

The GROW program is open to all employees at no cost. A specific training course will be repeated at various times during the month, and a new course will be offered each month.

Boise State believes in the importance of developing our employees and that career development, culture and collaboration are everyone’s responsibility. In coordination with supervisors, Human Resources will conduct an ongoing analysis of the program to ensure it is effective and yielding the intended results.


  • Successful completion of the workshops will be considered in conjunction with other performance metrics during an employee’s annual evaluation.
  • If an employee cancels or does not attend a training they have registered for, their supervisor will be notified.

Get Started

Planning is an important part of career development. By assessing your personal skills and desires for the future, you can choose pieces of training that will maximize your individual potential.

Our first training sessions will go over the Skills Assessment Worksheet and connect you with members of the HR team who will help facilitate the career development program.

Upcoming Training Topics

Register Now

After you have identified your personal objectives during the assessment process you can begin to plan on future sessions to attend.

GROW Workshops