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Problem Solving

Performance Management

Boise State University’s performance management program is a mechanism for creating and maintaining ongoing communication between the supervisor and the employee.  This system focuses on helping our employees achieve his or her best workplace performance.

Disciplinary/Corrective Action

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to discipline an employee in order to correct unacceptable behavior.  The time to act is as soon as a problem develops. The main objective of discipline is to get the employee on track in meeting behavioral expectations and/or behaving safely and sensibly on the job.

Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution

Human Resource Services Employee Relations staff partner with the employee and manager to resolve conflict and create workable solutions.  Call an Employee Relations Specialist at ext. 6-1616 for assistance.

Layoff and Re-employment

The layoff procedure assures equitable treatment when reduction in force becomes necessary. A layoff might become necessary because of a shortage in work or funds, reorganization, end of limited service appointment, employee’s failure to complete interagency promotional probation when demotion options are not available or the abolishment of one (1) or more positions.

Probationary Employee

All classified employees will serve a probationary period of 1,040 hours upon initial/entry appointment or promotion.  The probationary period serves as an extension of the selection process and is an opportunity to evaluate a probationary employee’s work performance and suitability for the position.  The probationary period also provides the employee an opportunity to determine if the position is a good match for their needs as well as the University’s needs.  It is an opportunity for that employee to demonstrate the required knowledge, competencies and results necessary to be successful in the position.

A probation period may be extended for an additional specified period of time.  An employee who does not meet expectation during the probationary period may be dismissed, however,  must first be given the opportunity in writing to resign without prejudice; an employee who fails to resign may be terminated without cause assigned and without the right to file for problem-solving or an appeal. (Ref. Section 67- 5309(j), Idaho Code, and Subsection 210.04)

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program offers confidential support, expert information and valuable resources for all of like’s issues.  Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no cost to the employee for five visits.

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