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HR Fireside Chats

Join us weekly for our HR Fireside Chats with topics for getting back to work, support for our remote workers and general HR updates as we navigate COVID.

Here you can find past and future agendas and sign up for topics. You will also find some recorded sessions in case you missed joining us.

Upcoming Fireside Chats with HR

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Check out our upcoming agendas for future HR Fireside Chats. You can sign up to join us each week or choose your own adventure and join by topic.

Jan. 19 - Office Equipment Tracking (Let's Try This Again)

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Jan. 26 - HR Updates and More Productivity Hack

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Feb. 2 - PSA Joins the Fireside Chat

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Feb. 9 - Presenting HR Career Services

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Guest Speaker Matt Niece - Director of Counseling Services

Surviving 2020 Part 1