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Upcoming Events and Workshops

2021 Curlews in the “Virtual” Classroom

a scientist stands in front of a powerpoint presentation about curlews. She speaks holding a curlew skull to demonstrate their long bills



The popular Curlews in the Classroom is going virtual this season! You definitely won’t want to miss out on the new exciting discoveries that were revealed this past summer through the use of satellite tracking technology. Reach out to Heather at to find out how you can reserve a time for your class.



Migration Mysteries Online Class Series

Coming January 2021!

Get more information or register here.

three wood storks fly overhead

This four-class series dives into the secrets of bird migration like never before! We will cover migration basics, then dive into the cutting-edge research and little-known facts related to migration that make this field of study so intriguing. Learn the secrets behind birds’ abilities that make them some of the most astounding migrating creatures in the animal kingdom.

If you missed this class when Heidi taught it in 2018 (or want to take it again), now’s your chance!

River Side Channel Construction begins!

Thanks to Micron Technology, our side channel project at the Boise River Diane Moore Nature Center is scheduled to begin in fall 2021! Join us for a Zoom presentation on Thursday, January 28th to learn more about this exciting development and what it means for our Boise River Research Station. Register to attend or learn more.


2021 Hummingbird Banding

a black-chinned hummingbird with a tiny aluminum band on its leg
Photo by Liz Urban

Many of us didn’t get our “hummingbird fix” this past summer due to the pandemic. Once it is safe to do so, we will open up our Idaho City hummingbird research station again. Because we had to cancel our public banding sessions this summer in Idaho City, donations for this project are far below normal.

Please help support the hummingbird project by making a much-appreciated year-end donation. We will post updates about Idaho City on our hummingbird project page, so check back for an update in April.

Live in the Wood River Valley? If conditions allow, we are planning a new hummingbird station at the Silver Creek Preserve in the spring! Our hummingbird work at both stations is research driven conservation science, but kids and adults will delight in the opportunity to see hummingbirds up close.

2021 Songbird and Raptor Workshops

a workshop participant lets a cooper's hawk fly from their open hand
A participant in an Introductory Raptor Workshop releases a Cooper’s Hawk

We’ve received a lot of inquiries about if we will hold these popular teaching workshops in 2021. We don’t have the answer yet, but please check our workshop page in the spring for an update.