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Degrees in Secondary STEM Education

Join a thriving community of educators working to make a difference in their community while earning a valuable degree in a STEM field.

STEM Degrees with a Secondary Education Emphasis:

Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering (Engineering PLUS, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering), Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

State of Idaho Teaching Endorsements: #7300 Mathematics (6-12), #7400 Computer Science (6-12), #7420 Natural Science (6-12), #7421 Biological Science (6-12), #7430 Physical Science (6-12), #7440 Chemistry (6-12), #7450 Physics (6-12), #7451 Earth and Space Science (6-12), #7990 Engineering (6-12)

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Make a Difference with Two degrees in One

What can I do with a STEM Education degree?

With a Bachelor of Science in STEM and a teaching certificate, IDoTeach graduates have multiple career options:

  • Secondary Teacher – more benefits than you may think
  • STEM Professional – teaching experience looks great on a resume
  • Graduate Student – earn an advanced degree in STEM and/or education
  • Other – use your degree to make money and make a difference
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Boise State provides an affordable, quality education to improve your future. Scholarship opportunities are available for residents and nonresidents, making it even more affordable to attain a quality education.

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