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Opportunities in STEM Education

At Boise State, IDoTeach students enjoy many educational, financial, and professional opportunities.


IDoTeach students benefit from several state and federally-funded scholarship, grant, and internship programs.

Summer Tuition Scholarships

Learn more about Summer Tuition Scholarships

Micron Scholarship

Learn more about the Micron Scholarship

Noyce Scholarship

Learn more about the Noyce Scholarship

TRIO Teacher Prep Program

Learn more about the TRIO Teacher Prep Program

Veteran Services

Learn more about Veteran Services
Paid Informal STEM Education Experience

Summer Internships

Paid internships with local STEM education partners may last 5 to 10 weeks, during various times between mid-May and mid-August, with pay of up to $300/week. When you’re ready to apply for an internship opportunity, complete the application form by Sunday, March 12, 2023.

Questions? Contact Matt Wigglesworth

Induction Support

IDoTeach graduates can join the Noyce Induction Support program, offering coursework, paid stipend, and a community of practice for first-year STEM teachers.

Induction Support
Live and learn together

STEM Education Living-Learning Community

Join a residential community for 20 students interested in STEM and education topics, with preference for those pursuing secondary STEM teaching. Daniel Luna, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Geosciences Department, serves as Faculty in Residence.

Learn more about STEM Education Living-Learning Community
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Looking for More Opportunities?

Local Job Opportunities

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