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Noyce Scholarship

With funding from the National Science Foundation (Grant award #1758436), Boise State University is pleased to sponsor the Noyce Scholarship program during the upcoming academic year. This program is designed to support undergraduate students who are majoring in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) discipline, with plans to become a STEM educator in grades 6-12 after graduation from Boise State.

This program will provide up to $5,000 per semester toward tuition at Boise State University for qualified juniors and seniors who are selected for the scholarship program. Scholarship recipients must commit to teaching in high-needs 6-12 schools following graduation, with a requirement of teaching for one year for each $5,000 of tuition support received. Recipients will have eight years to fulfill the teaching requirement. For more information on High Needs School Districts, view the Google Doc.

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Be a junior or senior undergraduate student at Boise State University
  • Be making progress towards a STEM education degree
  • Have been admitted into the IDoTeach or Secondary Education program
  • Have a minimum degree-box GPA of 3.0
  • Be a U.S. Citizen or Resident Alien

Considerations for Applicant Selection

  • Performance in field placements
  • Commitment to teaching in a rural area
  • Transcript
  • Record of service and engagement with the broader STEM community
  • Participation in a summer STEM internship program
  • Application essay

For questions about this scholarship program, please call the program director:

Jan Smith, Ed.D.
IDoTeach Program
Boise State University
(208) 949-4877