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Summer Tuition Scholarships

You could have your STEM-ED summer course fees covered by qualifying for and receiving the IDoTeach Summer Scholarship.

Priority for Selection

  • STEM majors
  • 15 credits of required major coursework completed
  • Enrollment in multiple STEM-ED course offerings

Required Materials

In addition to personal and academic information, you will be required to upload the following documents:

Boise State unofficial transcript

Letter of interest

  • Describe why you are interested in the IDoTeach Summer Scholarship in less than 250 words in appropriate letter format.

Adjudication form

  • Fieldwork is required for STEM-ED 101 and 102, which requires a current adjudication form to be completed at the beginning of the term, indicating you have no felony, misdemeanor, or Boise State code of conduct violation(s). An appeal can be filed to the College of Education’s Professional Standards Appeal Committee.
  • Complete the adjudication form (Qualtrics Form).

Apply for a Summer Tuition Scholarship